Advocating for the President Obama Home Affordable
Modification Program to enable homeowners keep their

Mission Statement

The specific purpose of Advocates for Neighbors, Inc., is “to enable peoples and
communities, through education and counseling, to achieve and keep their dream of
homeownership and to attain and sustain a good quality of life”.

It is our objective to work with different stakeholders and gatekeepers in the housing
crisis for the reinvigoration and revitalization of local communities hard hit with
foreclosures by intervening and partnering with banks, lenders and servicers to work
out loan modifications consistent with the President Obama Home Affordable
Modification Program (HAMP) or with their in-house loan modification programs.

The Advocates for Neighbors, Inc.,  a non profit in Northern Calfornia with headquarters
in Vallejo in Solano County, launched its first homeownership preservation clinic at the
Bayanihan Center, at the Seafood City Mall in Vallejo on August 23, 2009.

It collaborated with local non profits, Filipino  Community of Solano County, Inc., and the
Filipino American Social Services, Inc., with Chase Bank, Washington Mutual Bank and
EMC Mortgage. It conducted its second clinic with Wells Fargo Bank and Wachovia Bank
on October 10, 2009. It hopes to partner with Bank of America and Citi Mortgage and
other major banks in early 2010 to hold its third home preservation clinic.

Prime Movers of Foreclosure Intervention

The Solano home preservation clinics was a result of the initiative of Solano County
community leaders led by former Solano Community College Board of Trustee, Rev. Dr.
Antonio Ubalde, Solano County Board of Education member Dr. Rozzana Aliga, Filipino
Community of Solano County former president Eloise Scott, Mel Orpilla of the Filipino
American Social Service, Inc., and  Francis Neri, President and CEO of the Advocates for
Neighbos Inc.,. Solano County lawyer and former Solano Community College Board of
Trustee Stephen Murphy, Esq., is its Legal Counsel.

In the fall of 2008, this group of community leaders elicited from the Solano County
Board of Supervisors (Resolution #2008-229 adapted on October 28, 2008) and the
City of Vallejo (Resolution #2008-179 adapted October 7, 2008) “declaring a housing
foreclosure crisis and supporting local, state and federal efforts to address the crisis
and  asking all banks, lenders and servicers to declare a foreclosure moratorium in the
County of Solano and to take remedial action” to enable homeowners to stay in their

Former Vallejo City Vice Mayor and incumbent Councilor Hermie Sunga sponsored the
resolution in the Vallejo City Council. Former  Solano County Board of Supervisor
President John Silva, introduced a similar resolution in the Solano County Board of
Supervisors. Both measures passed unanimously in both chambers.

Advocates for Neighbors : First in Foreclosure Intervention

Solano County was the first County in the State of California and in the United States to
spearhead a foreclosure moratorium resolution at the City and County level. In early
2009, the State of California  passed a law requiring banks to initiate loan modification
programs before a foreclosure process starts.
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